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Thermal Baths in the Spa City - Budapest

Hippocrates, father of medicine, was the first to proclaim: "Nature is the physician of our diseases". In fact, Mother Nature has been especially bountiful towards Hungary: the country sits on one of the richest geothermal and medicinal water resources anywhere in the world. The local culture of bathing goes back two thousand years; excavated remains of bath houses, frescoes and mosaics demonstrate that the Romans discovered and exploited these thermal water resources.

Of the approximately 1300 thermal springs currently registered, nearly 300 are used for bathing purposes and no fewer than one in every ten, which means about 130 mineral and medicinal water springs, are located in the capital, Budapest!

What is the difference between mineral and medicinal water? Medicinal water is a kind of mineral water with medically proven therapeutic, healing effects.

Most medicinal waters in Hungary are effective in the treatment of locomotor disorders, but there are some which are particularly efficacious in the treatment of gynaecological and dermatological disorders, and - as part of a drinking cure- renal and metabolic conditions as well as stomach complaints.

Around the world, ever more people are coming to realise that a healthy lifestyle has an enormous role to play in disease prevention and the creation of general sense of well- being. There is an equal understanding of the fact that natural methods of treatment are able to promote healing without side effects.

All these factors make Hungary -thanks to its natural conditions, developed infrastructure and hospitable people- the ideal location for you! Choose from our varied and broad selection, revitalise your body and enjoy yourself! Choose Hungary for health!

This website is created by Hotel Helios. This is a family-run hotel with easy access to all famous thermal baths (spas) of Budapest.




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