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Lukács Thermal Bath - Spa Information

The Lukács Thermal Bath is located in the ancient Frankel Leo street imitating the style of the 15th century. From the sunbathing area of the roof, a unique panorama opens to a narrow and scenic street with tram traffic. Opposite the building line up the Malom-lake covered by water lilies, a picturesque hill, a crumbling Turkish bath, the Saint Steven Chapel and some150 year old apartment houses. Even before the Turkish era, well-known and well-utilised water sources could be found at the place of the Lukács Bath. The modest institution began to be developed from 1884. Its flourishing period lasted right until the First World War, but due to its excellent quality water it was still extremely popular even in its run-down state. Outside the building of the Bath-which is embraced by a spa-park with giant sycamore trees-outdoor swimming pools, whereas inside the thermal and the physiotherapy sections of ORFI (National Rheumatism and Spa Institution) are located. The elegant drinking hall and the ancient tablets of gratitude placed on the wall for decades must also be mentioned. The Császár Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool is located in the neighbourhood of the Lukács Bath, the oldest yet still operating bath of which used to belong to Veli Turkish governor and was built by Szokoli Mustafa the pasha of Buda. It has reached its final shape during the reconstruction work finished in 1844 and designed by József Hild. The Bath currently is part of the ORFI. Outside it has a giant pool and next to it stands the modern Komjádi Béla Sports Swimming Pool.  

Named after St Luke, Lukács Spa is one of the most attractive of the 19th-century bathing establishments with friendly staff and pleasant surroundings. The complex comprises the 16th-century Császár thermal baths and two outdoor swimming pools. Natural hot springs keep these pools heated all year around, allowing locals and tourists alike to bathe in comfort eve in winter time. Both the thermal baths and the swimming pools are favorite meeting place for writers and artists. You can walk around and relax in the huge park, and even drink curative waters in the drinking hall. The comprehensive physiotherapy unit (day hospital) deserves special emphasis from among all the services of the spa. Sun roof open in summer. 

The water of the just recently renovated Lukács Bath has positive health effects, but the people of Budapest savor swimming in open air warm water pool both in the winter and in the summer, regardless of age and health condition.

Apart from using the naturally flowing springs, excellent bathhouses have also been built on artesian wells, which have been drilled since the 19th century based on the charts of the ingenious Hungarian geologist Vilmos Zsigmnondy.

The present baths was built in Buda in 1894, and until the Széchenyi Baths was ready it was the biggest and most popular spa in Budapest.

Besides the thermal baths the swimming pool is also a favourite meeting place for writers and artists. The 1800sqm area around the spa is a popular place for relaxation under its century old trees.

A drinking hall here offers curative waters. On the sidewall of the spa plates of gratitude hang showing how many people from different countries of the world have visited the baths and recovered here. The comprehensive physiotherapy unit (day hospital) deserves special emphasis from among all the services of the spa.






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