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Király Thermal Bath - Spa Information

The Turkish pasha of Buda began building the Király Baths in 1565 just inside what was then the Castle gates. He wanted to make sure that, in the event of a siege of Buda, the Turks could still bathe. The Király remains one of the most striking and atmospheric of the baths; beneath its cupola lie several small pools. The name of the spa was given by the König family who owned the building from 1796. The impressive baths is a rare survival of Turkish times in Hungary and today as a listed building it represents an early Ottoman baths palace in its original grandeur. The four pools, including the main with a fantastic skylit dome date from 1570. It is supplied with thermal water piped from the Lukács Baths.

The wings of the Király Bath in Fõ Street were also added in the last Century, but when approaching from Ganz Street one can see the characteristic exterior of the Turkish dome which covers the basin. (Men and women can visit the bath on alternating days).






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