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Rudas Thermal Bath - Spa Information

The bath is believed to have been built in the 1550s and extended by Pasha Sokol Mustafa in 1566. The main part of the baths, the Turkish bath dates from this period. It has an octagonal plunge pool under a 10meters-span dome supported by eight columns and four small corner pools with varying-temperature water. The swimming pool dates from 1896 and was the second indoor pool in Budapest. While the swimming pool is mixed, the warm healing spa water (principally used for remedy rheumatic and articular illnesses) is reserved exclusively for men. There are also complex physiotherapy services offered on the second floor of the spa.

The hot water springs of the Rudas Bath have been in use since the Middle Ages. That octagonal pool and the hemispherical dome make the building one of the most beautiful still standing Turkish bathhouses. The swimming pool and the steam bath are additions from the 20th century.






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